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Paardenwinkel.be, an EZ, is a young, dynamic company offering high-quality products via the Internet. Our customers are professionally or recreationally involved with horses or equestrian sports.

At Paardenwinkel.be, you will find everything you need for your horse, yourself, your paddock, your horse stable and its environs. You will be able to choose from a large variety of professional and renowned products. Our safe payment solutions and professional courier services round off our quest for a perfect service. Finally, we offer substantial discounts for large orders. In short, we offer quality delivered at your doorstep!

Our shop offers multiple advantages:

  • You don’t have to get out of your home.
  • You have plenty of time to evaluate and compare our products in complete privacy
  • All prices are listed unambiguously.
  • You don’t have to worry about closing hours.
  • We are open 24/7 to receive your order.
  • We have a comprehensible discount program.
  • We offer an electronic gift voucher.
  • Customer reviews will give you an idea of the product you want to buy.
  • Our website carries a clear overview of our holiday periods and interesting news flashes. 

Our goal is an excellent customer service. We hope to achieve this by investing in:

  • A simple but respectable web shop.
  • A safe way of handling payments and personal data.
  • An ever-increasing stock.
  • A co-operation with renowned courier services.
  • A customer-related service.

Quality has its price, but doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Please have a look at our special offers and Promotions.

To allow our service to improve constantly, we need your feedback. Every suggestion to improve our website or our service will be considered and is more than welcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, should you have specific questions.

Enjoy your shopping!

Steven De Vries

Business Manager

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Product noticeable V 513 1 paardenwinkel.be birth alarm mobile premium
Birth ALarm
Birth Alarm Mobile Premium (Smart)

Price: €836.00

Give a friend, aquaintance or family member a voucher for an amount of your choise.

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