Birth alarm GSM: How does it work?

How does the Birth Alarm GSM Work?


Programming: Five Easy Steps.

  1. Insert a “Pay as you go” SIM card in your own mobile telephone (after first removing your own SIM card).
  2. Delete all the pre-programmed numbers on the “Pay as you go” SIM card.
  3. Program the 2 numbers you want the Birth Alarm to call in case of alarm.
  4. Remove the “Pay as you go” SIM card from your mobile telephone and insert it into the Birth Alarm Transmitter.
  5. Don’t forget to put your own SIM card back into your mobile telephone.

Setting the Transmitter

The transmitter can then be attached to the anti-roll girth around the withers of the mare. On the transmitter there is a switch for two different settings.
Setting 2a is the standard situation in which the lateral position is a unique occurrence. E.g. the mare does not rest in this position.

Setting 2b is provided for the small group of mares (about 10%) that rest in the same position as they assume during contractions. These two settings mean that the Birth Alarm is able to detect and report the birth in all cases without exception.

Operation on commencement of setting 2a:

Labour has begun and during the contractions the mare will lie completely on her side. The transmitter detects this position and dials the pre-programmed numbers after 7.6 seconds. Research has shown that a contraction lasts a minimum of 7 seconds.


Operation on commencement of setting 2b:

There are two situations that may arise:

1. The mare lies completely on her side to rest. In this case the alarm is not triggered (as setting 2b is activated), however the transmitter does detect that the mare is lying on her side. If the mare is still lying in that position after three minutes, the Birth Alarm detects that the mare is resting and the system is neutralised. Additionally, if the mare stands up after half an hour and then again lies down on her side, the system records this position again for three minutes. This period of time has been selected as research has shown that a contraction never lasts longer than 2.5 minutes for a mare, this gives a safety margin of 30 seconds.


2. The mare lies down flat on her side. The alarm does not go off after 7.6 seconds as the system is set on 2b. The receiver does however register that the mare is lying in this position. After the contraction, the mare prepares for the next contraction by coming out of the totally lateral position. If the Birth Alarm registers this movement within a period of three minutes of the mare lying down, the Alarm is activated and the transmitter dials the pre-programmed numbers.



Receiving the Alarm

When you receive an alarm on your mobile telephone DO NOT answer the call (Otherwise you will be paying for the call). Then call the number of the “Pay as you go” SIM in the transmitter.

After your telephone has rung twice, hang up. Your Birth Alarm GSM system will be reset (to stand-by mode) for the next time.


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