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Birth Alarm Premium Plus: Interactive and versatile

Birth Alarm Premium Plus is the system for ultimate control and comprehensive options. It has a pre-programmed SIM card, you don’t have to buy and install a SIM card yourself. It also has SIM credits for more than 5 years!*

Now you have the option to use Telegram to receive alerts and status reports with the Telegram app on your smartphone. Telegram provides the option of creating a group of several people. It means every member of that group receives the alerts and the status reports of your Birth Alarm. With the Telegram app it is also easy to change the Birth Alarm settings from your smartphone. With the new Birth Alarm Premium Plus you are connected with your mare, anywhere and anytime.


The benefits of a Birth Alarm Premium Plus:

✓ The alarm can be received nearby and at a distance.
✓ It can be attached in two places: on the anti-roll girth around the withers or to the halter.
✓ Alerts, status reports and operation via the Telegram app on your smartphone.
✓ Telegram provides the option of creating a group, so as owner you can add as many people as you like. These people will also receive an alert and can change the settings.
✓ Receive regular status messages that your Birth Alarm is working correctly.
✓ Has a sleeping mode that is designed specifically for mares who sleep on their side. Via Telegram it is easy to switch the sleeping mode on or off.
✓ Incl. batteries / excl. mobile phone.
✓ Incl. SIM card and more than 5 years of SIM credit.

* The SIM card only works for unlimited data/Telegram and not for standard calls or SMS. 

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